Chordoma Foundation

Record number of labs apply for CF Seed Grants

Following the Fourth International Chordoma Research Workshop, letters of intent poured in with new ideas and potential collaborations that researchers hope to pursue with a $50,000 seed grant from the Chordoma Foundation. These grants are intended to help researchers start projects, test hunches, and generate preliminary data that could leverage additional funding and lead to sustained chordoma research programs.

By the April 15th deadline, 45 researchers indicated their intention to submit a grant application – more than double that of the Foundation’s last seed grant review cycle. This large increase in applications reflects the growing number of researchers drawn to study chordoma by the promising opportunities created by recent discoveries.

Applications are due June 3rd and will be evaluated by a peer-review committee. Funding decisions will be made at the Foundation’s August 12th board meeting based on the recommendations from the review committee and the availability of funding. Dozens of talented researchers have risen to the challenge of searching for treatments for this once-neglected cancer and the Chordoma Foundation is determined to provide the funding needed to make their work possible. Please help meet the needs of these dedicated researchers by making a donation today!