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New clinical trial opens for chordoma patients

We are pleased to announce that a phase II clinical trial for the drug Sutent (sunitinib) is now open to 20 chordoma patients with advanced or metastatic disease. The trial is being conducted in New York at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), led by renowned Sarcoma oncologist, Robert Maki, MD.

This trial represents a major success for the Chordoma Foundation. Two distinguished sarcoma specialists, Dr. Robert Maki of MSKCC and Dr. Andrew Wagner of Dana Farber Cancer Institute, attended the First International Chordoma Research Workshop and participated in a working group devoted to therapeutic development. Dr. Maki called the trial “a real and tangible outcome from our spring meeting.” It is only the second clinical trial ever conducted in the United States specifically for chordoma patients.

This study is an extension of an ongoing clinical trial called A MULTI-CENTER PHASE II STUDY OF CONTINUOUS DOSING OF SUNITINIB (SUTENT®, SU11248) IN NON-GIST SARCOMAS. Thanks to the generous support of Pfizer the study has been opened up to an additional 20 chordoma patients. All patients will receive a defined treatment and no one receives a placebo (sugar pill).

For more information about Sutent and this clinical trial, visit our clinical trials page.

To enroll in the study contact the following referral line and make sure to specify that your chordoma is a type of sarcoma:

Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center
New York, New York, United States
Phone: (800) 525-2225

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