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$10 for 10 Perseverance Pledge

$10 for 10 Perseverance Pledge

Today is the 10th day of the 10th month of our 10th anniversary year, and to celebrate, we’re offering a special gift to anyone who makes a Perseverance Pledge of $10 or more between now and November 10th.

Make a Perseverance Pledge

These monthly, recurring gifts are an easy and impactful way to help improve the lives of everyone affected by chordoma and lead the search for a cure.

Over the past decade, we’ve blazed a path toward better treatments, better medical care, and a better experience for everyone who faces chordoma, but our work is ongoing and so is our need for your support.

perseverance pledge cooler bagMake a Perseverance Pledge of at least $10 per month to celebrate our 10th Anniversary year between now and November 10 and we’ll send you a limited edition Chordoma Foundation insulated cooler bag – perfect for taking goodies to work, on picnics, or on trips while raising awareness and funds to support chordoma patients and research.

Pledging is simple, secure, and helps ensure the long-term success of our efforts.

Quantities of the cooler bag are limited, and this offer will only last until November 10, so please consider making a Perseverance Pledge of $10 or more today and help us spread the word about our $10 for 10 Perseverance Pledge by sharing this offer with your friends and family. If you refer that your full donation goes toward programs, you can opt out of receiving the gift on the donation form.

Together, we can find a cure for chordoma.

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