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Peer Support
Talk one-on-one with a person who has had a similar experience with chordoma.

Chordoma Survivors Support Group on Facebook
Newly diagnosed patients, chordoma survivors, and family members can connect with others in the chordoma community through a private Facebook group. This close-knit community exists to help answer questions, share personal experiences, and serve as encouragement throughout your journey with chordoma. Email approval from a group moderator is required simply to protect the privacy of the more than 1,700 members and prevent spammers from entering the private Facebook space. Please send an email briefly describing your relationship with chordoma to, and you will receive a reply from a group administrator.
*While many members of this Facebook group are involved with the Foundation as volunteers and community advisors, the group is privately run and separate from the Foundation.

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Chordoma UK
The aim of Chordoma UK is to financially support and ensure the future of high-impact research initiatives being carried out by a team of scientists, led by Professor Adrienne Flanagan, Head of The Research Department of Pathology at the UCL Cancer Institute, part of University College London.