Chordoma Foundation

Uncommon Awards

Uncommon Awards recognize doctors, researchers, patients, and families who have made truly remarkable contributions to advance the search for a cure and improve the lives of those affected by chordoma. Recipients exemplify uncommon qualities – perseverance, insight, collaboration, action, and inspiration – which are essential to success in the fight against chordoma.


Individuals whose wholehearted and unwavering commitment of time, talent, and resources have made a truly profound impact on the Foundation’s success.

  • 2018: Joel Beckman
  • 2016: Heather Lee
  • 2013: Bruce, Lynette, and John Nelson 

Uncommon Insight

Researchers who have made exceptionally important discoveries which deepen our understanding of chordoma and advance the development of new therapies.

  • 2018: Opher Gileadi, Oxford University
  • 2014: Adrienne Flanagan, University College London
  • 2013: Andreas Fritz, Emory University

Uncommon Collaboration

Investigators whose exemplary collaboration enabled them to make important contributions to the understanding of chordoma and/or the development of new therapies.

  • 2018: Ulm and Heidelberg Chordoma Research Teams
  • 2016
    • Adrienne Flanagan, University College London
    • Susanne Scheipl, University College London
    • Fabrice Turlais, University College London
    • David Drewry, UNC Chapel Hill
    • Bill Zuercher, UNC Chapel Hill
  • 2014: Silvia Stacchiotti, Istituto Nazionale Tumori
  • 2013 Gary Gallia, Johns Hopkins University and Menghang Xia, NIH Chemical Genomics Center

Uncommon Action

Individuals who have gone above and beyond in volunteering to advance our mission and serve the chordoma community.

  • 2018: Chris Jones 
  • 2016: Adriane Rothstein
  • 2014: Norma Jones
  • 2013
    • Hans Keulen
    • Sharon Berlan

Uncommon Champions

Individuals who have inspired an extraordinary groundswell of support for our mission.

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